Whatley Durability - RT34

Durable, Reliable Light Poles

From surf to snow, Whatley's architectural products offer unsurpassed durability.

Whatley's winding process and precision engineering ensures that our fiberglass poles are capable of supporting difficult loading requirements including multiple fixtures, banner loads, and even solar panels. Click here to learn more about our innovative manufacturing process.

Metal poles degrade due to exposure to moisture, salt, and fertilizers. Whatley composite, fiberglass poles will not rust, rot or decay even when subjected to these harsh conditions.

Every Whatley pole has been painted with a premium proprietary blend of polyurethane enamel finish which results in enhanced performance proven through the test of time.

When it comes to durability, Whatley continues to raise the bar with our state-of-the-art XTREME line of decorative base covers.


Whatley Poles Hurricane Case Study

Whatley textured fiberglass poles withstand Hurricane force winds and excessive storm surge directly off the coast of Florida. The poles shown demonstrate Whatley's exceptional finish after 12 years of these coastal conditions. 

Whatle Durability - Xtreme 

Xtreme: Beyond Fiberglass

Whatley XTREME base covers: all the benefits of our fiberglass shrouds with the addition of impact resistance to hold up against pedestrian abuse, gravel spray, landscape equipment and more. These bases have survived five Detroit winters and still look brand new.

Whatley Durability Brighton Pole 

Harsh winters, no problem!

Whatley can meet the challenge of creating poles and decorative bases that can handle the harsh abuse of minimum roadside set-back as well as deicing salts and the impact of landscape equipment. Installation shown above has thrived through 12 festive Colorado winters. 

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