Lower Installation Cost

Regardless of how you install the poles, anchor base or direct embedment, you will save money with Whatley. Our poles have a significantly lower weight therefore less heavy equipment is required which reduces rental costs and avoids tearing up the existing landscape.

Why consider direct embedment?
Customers save up to 50% during installation.  Click here for our 10-Step Direct Embedment Installation Process. 

Save money by avoiding multiple trips to the jobsite that are required for concrete foundation installations.  Direct embed installations can be completed in a single trip.

Direct Embed

Same Price - Better Value

Money saved by installing via direct embedment can be re-directed into fixture upgrades and enhanced decorative pole assemblies providing value you can appreciate. 

Direct Embed Pole

Protect Landscape and Save Money  

New Whatley composite light poles were directly embedded into the soil at a mature park with minimal impact to existing landscaping.

Want to learn more?
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