Low Lifetime Cost showing multiple bases

Low Lifetime Cost

Why settle for aluminum or cast iron performance?

Today’s reality is all too familiar. Rusting cast iron or chipping paint desperately needing repair too early in its lifecycle, cracked or fractured aluminum, and theft of aluminum access doors and base covers results in expensive maintenance and repair. Whatley has the solution.

    • Whatley’s composite solutions will not rust like metal or rot like wood.

    • Our premium paint system offers long, low maintenance life.

    • Our material is inherently theft resistant with no resale value as scrap.

    • Our Xtreme base covers are impact-resistant due to state of the art material and have been tested to perform across temperature extremes.

Low Livetime Cost - Ormond Beach

Low Maintenance Solutions - Ormond Beach, FL

Our city customer was so pleased with the low maintenance associated with their 22-year old Whatley walking trail light poles, they replaced failing cast-iron poles on an adjacent vehicle bridge with new Whatley composite street light poles.

Whatley Winter Poles

Thriving in Harsh Environments

For over 30 years, this Great Lake city has continued to chose Whatley fiberglass poles and composite lamp posts to withstand the area’s snowy, lake effect conditions. This customer continues to benefit from our low-maintenance products.

Low Lifetime Cost showing base and full pole

Durability equals longevity which equals low lifetime cost.

Field repainting is expensive.  Our Xtreme base covers are specifically designed to withstand everyday abuse minimizing repair.

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