D14 - Decorative Base Cover

D14S - Decorative Base


The Whatley Xtreme D14 base cover, or shroud, is ideal for use with Whatley fiberglass light poles in most any application or environment.

See below to learn more about the Tapered and Non-Tapered Whatley light pole models available with the D14 deco base cover.

Whatley Xtreme elastomeric urethane decorative base covers are engineered to maintain an attractive appearance while withstanding the punishing conditions found along busy roadways and high-traffic intersections.

• Superior durability – provides long-lasting light pole protection.

• Impact resistant to maintain an attractive appearance.

• Non-corrosive, rust-proof design stands up to weather, moisture, sun, snow and de-icing agents.

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Select any pole style below for Specification Sheets and other details.

The D14 decorative base cover is available in 1 size, small, as indicated by the final letter of the models shown below. S=Small

Non-Tapered Light Poles:


Max pole height = 12'


Max pole height = 16'

Standard Color Codes

blk Black
dbz Dark Bronze
gry Grey

Premium Color Codes

slv Silver
wht White
dgr Dark Green
htg Hunter Green
cc Custom Color
min. 3" x 3" color chip
ral RAL color
4-digit RAL color code
Light Post

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