Whatley Light Poles, Lamp Posts

Whatley offers a full selection of round tapered lighting poles and straight models in diverse heights to meet your needs. We offer more ornamental lamp posts than anyone else in the industry - over 100 designs offering perfect symmetry and scale.

Round Non-Tapered (Pultruded) Fiberglass Poles
Straight Pultruded Fiberglass Poles RS
​SR Series

Straight Round Non-Tapered Pole

Round Straight Non-Tapered Pole RF
FR Series

Fluted Round   Non-Tapered Pole

Round Tapered Fiberglass Poles
Round Tapered Fiberglass Poles RT
TR Series

Tapered Round Pole - Smooth or Textured

Round Tapered Pole - Smooth or Textured ST
TS Series

Round Tapered Smooth Pole w/ Decorative Base

Square Straight Composite Poles
Square Straight Composite Poles SS
SS Series

Square Straight Pole - Smooth

Composite Fluted Poles
CF Series
CF Series

Fluted Tapered Composite Poles

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