A Whatley Exclusive: Xtreme Base Covers

Xtreme Base

Highly resilient, Xtreme base covers provide optimal impact-resistance throughout their long life and will often absorb minor vehicle impacts while retaining their original shape.

The all-weather elastomeric urethane shroud material is impregnated with a black tint as standard. Custom exterior finish colors and prime coat may be specified at additional cost.

Whatley Xtreme elastomeric-urethane base covers are engineered to provide enduring beauty and long-lasting protection. These light pole base shrouds are available in a variety of decorative and traditional designs.

Xtreme product benefits:

  • Superior durability – provides long-lasting light pole protection

  • Impact resistant to maintain an attractive appearance

  • Non-corrosive, rust-proof design stands up to weather, moisture, sun, snow and de-icing agents

  • High color & gloss retention for outstanding finish presentation over time

  • Anti-theft assurance – unlike metal, this shroud material is not attractive to thieves

  • Non-conductive material properties enhance safety

  • Affordable and easy to maintain

  • Made in the USA – compliant with Buy America DOT standards

All Whatley base covers are cast from this special formulation of elastomeric urethane. Remarkably durable, the Xtreme base cover material is engineered to maintain an attractive appearance while withstanding the punishing conditions found along busy roadways and high-traffic intersections.

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